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In May, we made an appointment with Oupai in Hai'an

2023-05-27 13:51:56 admin 18

Jiangsu Himei New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and is a professional enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of furniture accessories and building material finishes. The company's products are widely used in various fields such as whole house customized home decoration, large-scale office decoration, booth props, and ship high-speed rail interior decoration. It is currently one of the largest R&D and production bases for PVC/PET/PP series decorative films in China, and its enterprise scale ranks among the top three in the domestic industry.

At present, we have arranged 45 warehouse style offices in first and second tier cities in China. With 20 years of focus on quality and innovation, Himei New Materials has established strategic partnerships with major real estate developers such as Country Garden, Vanke, Jinmao, Greenland Holdings, Xincheng Holdings, and Longhu Group. In the field of home decoration, Himei has also become close partners with well-known cabinet brands such as Oupai, Sofia, Zhibang, Jinjin, Oule, Piano, Fangtai, and Haier Home.


Oupai Home Furnishings Oupai Home Furnishings Group Co., Ltd Founded in 1994, with stock code 603833, Oupai Home Furnishing Group is the first listed enterprise in China's customized home furnishing industry with a market value exceeding 100 billion yuan. Starting from the overall cabinet, Oupai Home Furnishing Group's business scope extends to wardrobes, whole home customization, wooden doors, bathroom, soft decoration, kitchen appliances, metal doors and windows, armored doors, furniture accessories, and whole home furnishing, forming a diversified industrial pattern and establishing a dual flagship category matrix of overall cabinets and wardrobes. It is a domestic research and development center A comprehensive modern integrated home furnishing service provider that integrates manufacturing and sales with the joint development of multiple business sectors
Recently, representatives of Oupai Group visited our Jiangsu Haimei Hai'an factory area for a visit and inspection. The visit will comprehensively showcase the entire production process of Haimei Company, as well as our process technology and production equipment; We will also showcase to Europa the high standards held by Haimei in terms of quality, environmental protection, and other aspects. This factory visit will also deepen mutual communication and understanding, and explore new areas of cooperation



01 Workshop production site
At the workshop production site, the delegation of Oupai Group had a detailed understanding of our company's production process and product types, and highly praised the technology and equipment used by our company. At the same time, the Oupai Group also conducted in-depth discussions on the production line, exploring ways to improve production efficiency and product quality from multiple perspectives
02  R&D laboratory
As a company that always regards environmental protection and innovation as the core concepts of enterprise development, this visit to Europa Group has deepened their understanding of the new products developed by our laboratory and the environmental management system of the laboratory. The laboratory technicians demonstrated our new materials to representatives of the Europa Group, and they also provided a detailed introduction to our experimental methods and technical implementation.
In order to better promote technological innovation and enhance the company's competitiveness, we have continuously strengthened the construction of our research team. Representatives of Oupai Group visited our research and development room, listened to our research and development personnel's plans for the short-term and long-term product technology fields, and learned about the progress and achievements of our research and development projects
03  Strengthen cooperation and win-win situation
All employees of Jiangsu Himei warmly welcome every member of the European delegation who comes to attend the observation! Through this learning and exchange between both parties, new impetus is injected into the healthy development of the home furnishing industry once again. I believe that in future cooperation, we can work together to achieve mutual benefit and development